Blue Flower


Data, BI, Analytics


  • Data and Application Architecture

  • Data Integration and Analyzing Organizational Data

  • Analytics Requirements Assessment

  • Analytics Trend Analysis and Architecture

  • Analytics for Real Time Latency-Sensitive Data

  • Analytics Tool Configuration and Implementation (SAP, others)

  • Analytics Tools Evaluation and Selection

  • Data Warehouse and BI Architecture

  • Process Optimization and Data Migration

  • KPI Analysis and Design

  • Data Warehouse Analysis and Architecture



Optimization and Planning


  • Health Services Management

    • Optimization of Emergency department healthcare unit

    • Efficiency of Hospitals

    • Optimization for e-health Applications

  • Transportation and Logistics

    • Fleet Planning

    • Ground/Air Transportation

    • Time Constraint Delivery

  • Optimal Engineering System

    • Optimal production planning, controlling and scheduling

    • Supply chain management